Whether you have 1 vehicle or 50,  we can help you reduce

the cost of managing your fleet by bringing our services to you!

At LogicOiL, we understand that a business

cannot afford unnecessary downtime

- even for something as important as vehicle maintenance.

We are proud to provide fleet service to some of
Calgary's Finest companies!
We offer the convenience of providing our services right at your shop or office. 

As a Fully Mobile Service, 

we can perform your vehicles' Oil Change,

Glass Chip Repair, Tire Changeovers , and more. 

Because we are fully mobile, we have the

flexibility to schedule your vehicle maintenance

at a time that works best for you

- before, during, or after your business hours.

We do not require you or your staff to remain

with the vehicle/s at the time of service, meaning you are able to continue your busy workday with minimum interruption.

Our mobile unit is outfitted with a custom on-board

oil extraction/pump system which enables

us to efficiently change a vehicle's oil and eliminates spills. Our mobile hydraulic lift system enables us to perform tire changeovers or rotations on all cars, light trucks and light SUVs.

Through our suppliers, we have access to

any product your vehicle requires.

We use only manufacturer approved products

for every vehicle we service.

As LogicOiL is fully licensed and insured, you can have the peace of mind that your fleet will be maintained to warranty standards.

All used oil is recycled at an

Alberta Registered Recycling Point. 

Depending on the size and needs of your fleet, we will work

with you to tailor a service schedule that works for you. 

> There are no fees or extra costs associated with our program <

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LogicOiL Will Take Care of Your Vehicle Maintenance Needs

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